BLM Lease Sales


The most recent competitive lease sale by BLM’s Eastern States Office was held online on December 13, 2018.  The lands offered included seventeen split-estate parcels (federal minerals under private surface) in Mississippi; five parcels in the Huron-Manistee National Forest in Michigan; and two Wayne National Forest parcels in Ohio.  (The lands in the Wayne National Forest are the same ones that had been deleted from the September lease sale notice for further review.)  The Wayne parcels received bids of $201 per acre; but most of the others either went for the minimum bid of $2 per acre or received no bid at all.

The previous sale, on September 20, included eight split-estate parcels in Arkansas; and seven Huron-Manistee National Forest parcels, and one split-estate tract, in Michigan.  All went for the minimum bid.  The September sale originally was to also include two parcels in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest; but those were deleted for further review in the face of protests.)

Twenty-six parcels were offered in the sale of June 21, 2018: twenty-five split-estate tracts in Arkansas, and one in Louisiana.  The Louisiana parcel, in Lafourche Parish, received a high bid of $201 per acre; but most of the rest either went for the minimum bid or received no bid.

The next Eastern States lease sale, which is scheduled for June 27, 2019, covers eighteen parcels of split-estate lands in Louisiana and Mississippi.  (Included in this sale are several tracts that originally were to be offered in a lease sale in March, which was called off as a result of the government shut-down earlier in the year.)