BLM Lease Sales


A competitive lease sale was held online by BLM’s Eastern States Office on December 13, 2016.  The lands offered included one parcel with State surface in Arkansas; one Bienville National Forest parcel in Mississippi; and 17 parcels in the Wayne National Forest in Ohio.  (33 Wayne National Forest parcels originally were included in the sale notice; but the others were deleted prior to the sale due to title or leasing status issues.)  The Wayne National Forest parcels, with many years’ worth of pent-up demand, drew much of the interest, with most receiving bids of over $1000 per acre, and one going for $5751.

A competitive lease sale by BLM’s Eastern States Office, which was held online on March 23, 2017, included 20 parcels in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest.  High bids ranged between about $1000 and $10,000 per acre.

The following Eastern States sale, which took place on June 22, contained only two parcels, of split-estate lands in Arkansas, which went for the minimum bid of $2 per acre.

The Eastern States’ next sale, on September 21, included just six parcels: three Wayne National Forest tracts in Ohio, and three split-estate tracts in Louisiana.  Two of the Wayne National Forest tracts drew over $1000 per acre.

The most recent Eastern States sale, on December 14, offered five Wayne National Forest parcels in Ohio, along with two parcels in the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana.  The Wayne National Forest tracts received bids of between about $2000 and $6500 per acre.

The next sale by the Eastern States Office, which is scheduled for March 22, 2018, includes five parcels: three split-estate tracts in Arkansas, and two more tracts in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest.  (Note: According to Eastern States staff, the dwindling number of Wayne National Forest tracts in recent sales may be a consequence of renewed controversy being encountered by the Forest Service in clearing lands in that area for leasing.)